My New Business: Soul Delights Launches with Your Fast for Life™

I have not been blogging but have been busy developing a new venture I am excited to share with you: Soul Delights LLC, my business dedicated to offering products, programs and services to nourish the body and soul, launched this week!

As you have read my posts these 3 ½ years you know my heart is for Christians to live lives deeply committed to Jesus by knowing God’s word and reflecting that knowledge in our attitudes and actions, including healthy eating. God used this blog, which has in part chronicled my 20-year spiritual- and nutritional-growth journey, to prepare me to develop Soul Delights, with its signature program, Your Fast for Life™.

Your Fast for Life™ is a 40-day online food and lifestyle program that gives you the spiritual and practical tools to change your health right in your home, but you don’t do it alone. Through a private social media site and a weekly conference call, you connect with me and a community of people on the program. Your Fast for Life™ is a perfect vehicle to help you obtain and maintain good overall health without the guesswork. You get devotionals, menus, recipes, shopping lists, and more to help you always be dedicated to God, even through food, which is so often a constant stronghold. I created this program for you to succeed spiritually and nutritionally, not just while you are on the program but also for the rest of your life.

Check out my website,, for more information about Soul Delights, Your Fast for Life™ and my new blog, Take a Risk: Radical Love for the Soul. I hope you will pray about joining Your Fast for Life™, signing up for my periodic newsletter and subscribing to the new blog to participate in weekly love challenges.

This is the season for me to launch forth into uncharted territory. I will no longer be blogging at Musings of a (Recovering) Strong Black Woman, but I pray you will journey with me into the new.

God bless you and thank you for your faithful readership!